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114 W 3rd St
Ste 101
Kansas City, MO64105
(816) 945-2633

We did this yesterday and were locked in The Hero room! It was challenging and fun! We had 3 adults, 2 16 year olds, a 13 year old and a 12 year old. Great for older grade school kids up through adult. We didn't "break out" (almost) but had a great time trying. My kids were amazed at all the details and layout of the rooms. The staff was great too, very friendly and helpful! Tip: pair up and look for clues instead of your entire group cluttering around one area. I highly recommend this place and my kids are already planning to go back and try a different room!

Room 13: I was traveling for work and got in quite early, so I booked myself into an escape room where several others had signed up already. The group was a family and all were very nice and fun to get to know. They were also newbies, so excited about what would happen. When we got in, we did spend a lot of time confused, used all of our clues, and got trapped in the room. Theme:The room wasn't quite what I expected, but it was still very neat. Quality:In good shape - a couple of torn items, but otherwise okay. Difficulty:There were some puzzles that really made very little sense until they were explained to us, and even then were quite abstract. Fun:Parts were fun, but I spent a lot of time frustrated.

We visited your Breakout Cure room tonight and what would of been a very enjoyable adventure turned into one of the most miserable evenings all of us had. I know you want 8 to be in a group, but those two, or the one lady ruined it for us. All she did was talk loud and was panicky all the time. We could not hear any of the clues or even think straight because of that couple you threw into our group. We really want to go back, but if you just throw anyone off the street into a group, I don't know if we do want to return.

SO MUCH FUN! Mom, Dad, and 11 year old together solving puzzles. We failed at The Cure, but then had success in Room 13. Our daughter loved it so much, we went back the next day and did The Hero. What a fun way to teach teamwork and problem solving. And the staff were fantastic!

I wanted to do something different for my husbands birthday so I decided to surprise him with this. My son and I agreed to have it just be the three of us for the first time. We had a great time. We ended up being in a room with a group of three friends. They were nice and we all worked together to try to solve the clues. We were in the Truman room which is one of the hardest. Some hints and clues left us feeling like we were missing something huge. We did not get out within the hour but we were close! We will be going back and want to take some friends next time.

We went here for my brother-n-law's birthday and we had a blast. We had booked everything online before hand and upon arriving we had to register on their tablet stands and sign some agreement. There was 4 of us and they usually do 8 to a room I guess so when there was another group of 4 they paired us together. They encouraged us to introduce ourselves and work together. They had a room advisor? (Can't remember what they actually call them) and she was friendly and helpful. We didn't know what to expect but a couple of the people in the other group kind of helped us too and everyone got to participate in solving the puzzles. We didn't make it in time unfortunate but were SO close! Like one more code puzzle close!

My company took us here as a team building activity and we had so much fun! We did Room 13 and it was challenging and exciting. I've never done an escape room before but I'll definitely be doing more of them after this experience. The staff was awesome, I wish I had gotten the girl's name who worked with us. Some people in my group refused to use our clues and she helped us out anyways. Definitely use the free clues!

I've participated in my fair share of breakout rooms--one in St. Louis, another one in KC, and Breakout KC. In my experiences, Breakout KC really stands out for quality and attention to detail. They really are a cut above other options in terms of complexity. I've done the Szechuan Secret room and The Gambler. I broke out of The Gambler but not Szechuan. The crew here is upbeat, enthusiastic, and seems to actually enjoy their jobs. The rooms are intriguing and visually appealing. When I want to do an escape room in KC, this is the place I think to go. Keep up the good work, guys!

I've tried several escape room places in KC. Breakout is by far the most complex and entertaining. They have put a lot of work into these rooms. The technology and use of multiple types of challenges is great!! Definitely try the underground rooms!!

Did the Szechuan Secret a year ago, came close but didn't break out. We had fun but were disappointed we couldn't buy the "I broke out" t-shirt. We returned this year determined to break out. We booked the Hero. We had fun and triumphantly, Broke out! But guess what. They don't sell the "I broke out" t-shirt anymore. Just a generic one with Breakout KC on it. Oh sure, they give you a free sticker that says you broke out. Big deal. So, buy my t-shirt that advertises my business, but it doesn't announce the accomplishment. Disappointed.

So much fun! We had a full room with 6 of us booking together. The other 2 that joined us were a definite welcome because we all contributed. Although we didn't get out we were close and we had a blast. Definitely do this again!

Came here with my husband and two boys (9 and 11). We were partnered with another couple. The room (Szechuan Secret), was amazing. We didn't know exactly what to expect, but this exceeded all of our expectations. We will be back!

I visited Breakout last evening with a work vendor and a few co-workers. I'd just recently attended my first escape room at a Yelp Elite event, so I figured I had this covered. First, you should know it's easy to miss the place, since the entrance is along the side of the building behind Market 3. Parking was adequate for our group - there were several compact spots in their lot. We checked in on a iPad system, were greeted warmly by Steven, our host, and were ushered into our room. The staff was very gracious in saying I could enter and leave as needed, since I have a bum foot and even offered to get me a stool. We did the Szechuan room, which is notoriously difficult, but again, I thought were covered. We had a bunch of numbers and data geeks in our group of 6. We watched our intro video and got started - somewhat slowly. We used all 3 of our free hints and took advantage of as many other tips as our guide was giving us. This is a tough room. There was more of an element of hidden items in this room than in the last I did. Also, lots of math and puzzles. Some we would not have solved without help. We found ourselves at a standstill several times. In the end, we did not break out. We were about 2 puzzles away, apparently. Sad. The service was excellent and the room was interesting and challenging. I would say though, that some of the space is tight, so groups can't all be in the same space working on the same challenge at the same time. We did have fun. Two thumbs up.

By far the most fun birthday party I have been to as an adult. We went to Breakout KC back in January with a group of 8 of us (with a reservation - it's a must!), and were guided in to try and tackle the Truman Room. I consider myself to be a bit of a sleuth, plus I was accompanied by some engineers, so I figured we were going to be on the better side of the 24% success rate. All brainiacs aside, this was a challenging quest, and although we were on the final step, we ended up running out of time. Despite our defeat, it was an absolute blast, and made me want to try all of the rooms. Truly a great option for any birthday/team-building/group outing you may have.

Soooo.....we STILL didn't breakout within 60 minutes, but our second go-around at Breakout KC was a blast, and this time we had a wonderful experience, beginning to end. A few weeks after writing my last review for Breakout KC, a couple of the owners reached out to me to discuss our experience. After providing them some details, both owners were quick to offer valid explanations, personally accept blame for the issues, and apologize. We were invited to give Breakout KC one more try to allow the crew to salvage our patronage of this fun, inventive experience. Mission accomplished. We booked a month ahead of time with the same crew in attendance as last time, hoping that our group of BKC veterans could use our experience from the River Quay Casino to help us escape the most (statistically) challenging breakout of them all: the Szechuan Secret. We arrived a few minutes early on a rainy Sunday, and the pleasant surprise of parking immediately outside the door awaited - woohoo! There's nothing quite like the feeling of locating good parking in a crowded downtown area... Once everyone arrived, we were situated into our room, and turned loose. I'll save the next hour (or so) of details so as not to spoil the fun for the rest of you who haven't broken out yet, but we weren't quite able to escape within the 60 allotted minutes! Grrrr...these guys plan a good game! We were cruising through the first half hour, but got held up on a couple pieces of the game after that. That said, I think we had even more fun than our first time last year! So, that's two-for-two on the experience we've had within the confines of the facility. The staff were all incredibly jovial and encouraging about the possibility of success :) Special thanks go out to Matt Baysinger for his willingness to be open to our feedback from our first experience, take ownership of the issues, and very successfully turn a critic into a big fan of both the business and the management thereof! Everyone we were in contact with between the reservation process and our on-site visit were fantastic!

Super fun activity. I was able to experience this due to a fun Yelp event. 6 other Yelpers and I locked in a room for an hour? Sounds like something that I would not want to pass up. I had never done a breakout room experience, so was not sure what to expect, so had set moderate expectations. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be. Solving puzzles and riddles, while spending time with friends, is a great way to get to know each other better while having a great time. My group was not able to "breakout," but we were super close and had a ton of laughs getting through the room. As a side note, for those of you who have concerns about being locked in--at any time you can leave to use the bathroom or get a breath of air, and then rejoin your friends when you are ready--so everyone can be comfortable and have fun. I will totally be back to try another room..I am already brushing up on my critical thinking skills!

This was so cool. I'm in college and went with a group of friends and we had a blast. We did "Szechuan Secret" and it was really challenging, fun, frustrating and super satisfying after we got it! Great for a party, triple date, bachelor party or any group time. People working there were really nice and encouraging. I highly recommend this place.

Tons of fun! We did Schezuan Secret, which was challenging and very entertaining! The staff is very friendly and helpful! I can't wait to go back!

No real instructions. The workers will place you in a room and will tell you to watch a video. Shut up and watch the video and you'll get all your questions answered. This is SUCH a fun thing to do with people you know; however, the second time I went, we had a group of three placed with five others that we didn't know. If there is more than one Type A person in a group, be forewarned, you will get annoyed. It took every ounce of me not to punch the blonde bitch who was in our group as her aggressive and annoying personality seriously took the fun out of the my second experience. It's a group effort, not constantly say, "I'll do it, I can do it, let me do it". Even thinking about her now makes my blood boil. I hope she comes across this review... Anyways, go with a group you KNOW. It will make the experience that much better.

So yesterday I decided to try this place called Breakout KC that I had heard about on the news, the premise is they lock you in a room and in an hour you have to break out. Well my time was nothing short of phenomenal, the puzzles were challenging, the scenario was interesting, the owners were friendly and genuinely excited for us to win. And win we did with 10 seconds left and as we did the owner came and yelled his congratulations and gave us all high fives. The high that we got from the experience took a while to come down from. Ultimately I would just like to highly recommend everyone to give Breakout KC a try.

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